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My First Painting

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Below is my first expressive painting ever 🙂 I really like the vibrant colors.


About Paint Happy!

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I created Paint Happy! to record my new adventure in expressive painting. 

I am very sensitive to colors and lights. Although I am always interested in arts, I’ve never taken any art course. The only art-related activity in my daily life might be my hobby, photography. Last week I happened to find an interesting part-time program, Expressive Painting, at a local community art center. I’ve enrolled in this program to explore a totally new area. The course is for everyone, the artistic and the non-artistic alike. Expressive Painting is founded on the theory that the heart needs to express and invent and that learned techniques are not required to be creative. This non-technique method will help you discover your own original, personal style of painting. I am looking forward to developing my art potential and having fun at the same time.

Stay tuned for my adventure of color, form and image where no rules apply…..

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My Painting Dream

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Welcome to Paint Happy!

I had a dream when I was a little girl – become an artist. I like vivid colors and light. I liked to mimic pictures from story books. I got high marks in drawing class in the high school. I even joined a painting class after I graduated from the university. I bought some books about designing…… I didn’t become any kind of artist. My job is nothing to do with arts. But I still enjoy different presentations of art. Now I am able to create my blogs. Blog is kind of closer to art – You need to design your homepage and logo, select primary color, even fonts and format….etc. I started an expressive class early this year and I think blogging my adventure of painting is a good idea. Here comes Paint Happy!

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