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Maple Trees – Pastel Drawing #1

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This is a drawing from a postcard photo in Pastel. It’s my first time using pastel. Pastel drawing looks wet and oily. Those maple trees looks windy since my pastel strokes are all in one direction.

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Still Life Crayones #1 – Friut Basket

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I like the color but in general It doesn’t look too good but I still want to post here just to show my progress.

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Still Life Drawing #1 – Mouse

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This is my first still life drawing in pencil. I drew the wireless mouse that I use for my laptop. I am  learning how to draw shadow with still life. I am happy with it considering I am a beginner. 🙂

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Teddy Bear – First Drawing in Charcoal

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In today’s basic drawing class, we learned how to draw in charcoal. We used charcoal to draw a cube, sphere and cylinder. At the last half an hour we drew a teddy. We practiced shading in this first charcoal. Below is the lovely teddy.


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