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Orange in Acrylic

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Like sunflower, orange has loving bright and cheerful color which make it popular painting subject of many artists. Below is my first orange in acrylic. I am still struggling with the shading and transition area. I feel like my orange is floating in the air instead of sitting on a table.

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Narcissus in Acrylic

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Narcissus, one type of white daffodils, is very popular flower during Chinese New Year.  Narcissus represents innocent and self-esteem.

Spring is coming … daffodils leaves are turning green and buds are growing. Here comes white daffodils, one of my favorite flowers.


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My Studio

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My studio is in the kitchen area. I use the lunch table as my working desk. It is facing the window. I can see the trees and blue sky when I am painting. I am happy with my little studio – It’s simple and bright! I am adding more stuff gradually.

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Hawaii – Sunshine, Ocean, Boat, Coconut Trees, Beach, Flowers…

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Hawaii is an endless inspiration for artists. In fact, many artists move to Hawaii because of its beauty… maybe I will become one of them in the future? 🙂

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How to Handle Acrylic Paintings

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I was browsing some blogs about paintings. I found these guidelines on how to handle acrylic art very helpful.

Minimize the handling of the artwork to avoid damage. Larger pieces of paper may need to be supported from the back, whether they are framed or not. If framing a painting on paper, use an acid-free backing board. Secure the painting in place with acid-free framing tape; white artist’s tape works well for this purpose. Double-sided tape works well for securing an unframed painting to the backing.

Keep the acrylic painting out of direct sunlight or strong artificial light, as these will cause the paint to fade. Also avoid any environment that is hot or that has excessive moisture; these will harm the integrity of the paint.

Frame the acrylic art piece to block dirt and dust from gathering on the paint. Do not let the painting touch the glass; acrylic paint can be damaged by glass. Scrap strips of cardboard or mat board can be used as spacers between the painting and the glass.

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Red Rose in Acrylic

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Who doesn’t love rose? Roses have been on my painting list for a while. I think I will have rose series paintings in different colors, types, shapes, etc.

As a real beginner in painting, I look for inspirations from other people’s painting or photos. The painting below is the one I was referring to. However, I was not able to mimic the light and shadow. So far I’ve found the shadow coloring is the most challenging thing for me.

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La Lecture (The Reading) in Acrylic

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I was reading an article about Picasso’s history and his La Lecture looks very nice. Here we go – La Lecture in acrylic.

You should know which one is Picasso’s and which one is mine.

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Plumeria in Acrylic

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Have you even been to Maui Hawaii? I love those tropical flowers, especial Plumeria and Hibiscus in different colors. The flowers give off a fragrant odor.


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My Sunflowers Vs. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

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I loved Van Gogh’s sunflower so much that I have to paint one based on his. Can you tell me which one is Van Gogh’s and which is mine? 🙂

I paint this in a 5”x7” Canvas Panel. It was so much better experience painting on Canvas Panels than watercolor paper. Smoother, higher quality and no buckles!

I drew the sunflower based on Van Gogh’s oil painting first, and then added vivid orange colors in different values. I painted the background in blueish green. I absolutely love my sunflowers and I feel so nappy and fulfilling. It’s satisfactory and rewording that you can paint what you love!

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Acrylic Painting – Apply and Banana

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This is the first acrylic painting I have ever drew – Congratulation to myself. It looks so simple but it took me about 3 hours to finish. I love the yellow on the dark blue background. The composition is very nice too. The most difficult part is the shading and transition area.

I drew it on a cold press watercolor paper. After I am a little bit more comfortable with color mixing and shadowing, I will paint on canvas board.

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