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Value and Value Composition

Posted by | May 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

Below are a list of tips I learned from one of my favorite artists, Carol Marine.

In order to be accurate with value you must constantly compare every value with every other value in your subject, rather than just values that are very near each other.

Try to simplify the values into big shapes in your head so they’re easier to deal with.

Work from life (because cameras skew value a lot) and before you begin ask yourself: What is my darkest value? What is my lightest value? Where do the others fall on the value scale? How do all the values relate to each other?

If you look through your viewfinder at your subject and find you have no contrast to speak of, or two values are very equal in amount, try changing something: a different background color (actually change out the paper or cloth you are using); the angle of the light; the objects themselves; the number of objects; crop in closer or further away; etc.

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Loquats in Acylic

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Have you even had loquat? It is one of popular fruits in southern China. A little bit sour and sweet and nice yellow color.

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Tomatoes in Acrylic

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Tomato is one of my favorite fruits. I planted quite a few tomatoes in my garden last year and they taste sweet and fresh. I am planning to plant more this year.

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Traditional Chinese Painting

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Love the traditional Chinese landscape painting and the music.

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How to Paint Loosely

Posted by | May 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

I like loose painting style with fewer bold brush strokes and bright colors. Not too much details but still close enough to recognize what you are painting.

Lessons learned:

  • Use a fairly large brush so you don’t get carried away with detail.
  • Try to segment the pear/apple in your painting into large planes of separate color.
  • Try to capture the individual value of each plane in correct relationship with the planes next to it. Keep squinting!
  • Make sure every plane is a different color.
  • You may soften edges between planes but do NOT paint large blends.
  • Start with your darkest dark and lightest light.
  • Time yourself, for example, 1o minutes to finish a pear/apple, stop when time’s up!

Below are a few apples painted by some artists with a loose style. I am working towards to their direction. Hopefully in the future my paintings will have a similar style.



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Green Granny Smith Apples

Posted by | May 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

More green apples today. They have nice yellow green and smooth surface. I ate one of them after painting. A little bit sour. 🙂

Speaking of my acrylic painting, I should focus on value and fewer brush strokes.

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My Painting Studio – more still life paintings

Posted by | May 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

I’ve been focusing on still life painting lately. From the paintings I’ve done in the last a couple of weeks, I noticed my improvement. Paint on a regular basis, ideally a painting a day, it is the best way to improve your painting skills. I will try to paint as often as possible. 🙂

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Pears in Acrylic, again

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Pear has interesting shape and it’s one artists’ favorite painting subjects. I couldn’t find a good looking pear in a typical shape. That’s what I can get the best at this season. Again, the color is not even close to what it looks. Too green.

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Apple and Pear in Acrylic

Posted by | May 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

This is a still life painting practice after value study last week. I feel like I’ve improved a little bit. The apples looks more tempting! 🙂 The green is till not quite close to the real color. It should be more yellow. Same as the pear. Also, it looks nicer in picture than it is. 🙂

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