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Avocado in Acrylic

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According to Wikipedia, The avocado is a tree native to Central Mexico, classified in the flowering plant family. Avocado or alligator pear also refers to the fruit (botanically a large berry that contains a single seed of the tree.

Alligator pear – The skin of avocado does look like alligator and the shape of avocado looks like a pear!

Anyhow, when I was painting this avocado in half,  I was kind of a little bit more relaxed than I usually am – I mixed the yellow and white,  and painted it on the canvas panel. I also used wet on wet technique in the fruit area. I like the way it turned out – it looks convincing. I think the shadow area needs to be improved but I will leave it for now.

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Grapes and Grape Juice

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Glass is an interesting painting subject in still life. Transparency can be seen in the distortion, reflection, background color and shadow. I like the composition of this painting. In this painting, I was also experimenting how the background color impact the overall composition. I left a small corner of pink on the right behind the white plate – the little piece of pink balance the whole picture. A little bit color repetition works well in this painting.

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Yellow and Orange Bell Pepper

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Love the color of bell peppers, especially yellow and orange.  Here is another painting in acrylic.

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Apple and Banana – Acrylic

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Apple and Bananas again. This time it’s a painting from life, not using a photo and painting as a reference. I like the colors and composition.


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Loquats in Acylic

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Have you even had loquat? It is one of popular fruits in southern China. A little bit sour and sweet and nice yellow color.

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Tomatoes in Acrylic

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Tomato is one of my favorite fruits. I planted quite a few tomatoes in my garden last year and they taste sweet and fresh. I am planning to plant more this year.

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Green Granny Smith Apples

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More green apples today. They have nice yellow green and smooth surface. I ate one of them after painting. A little bit sour. 🙂

Speaking of my acrylic painting, I should focus on value and fewer brush strokes.

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Pears in Acrylic, again

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Pear has interesting shape and it’s one artists’ favorite painting subjects. I couldn’t find a good looking pear in a typical shape. That’s what I can get the best at this season. Again, the color is not even close to what it looks. Too green.

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Apple and Pear in Acrylic

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This is a still life painting practice after value study last week. I feel like I’ve improved a little bit. The apples looks more tempting! 🙂 The green is till not quite close to the real color. It should be more yellow. Same as the pear. Also, it looks nicer in picture than it is. 🙂

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