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Student Show 2012

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Our local art center hosts an exhibition specially for student artists every year. I submitted two still life paintings – “Lemon and Bell Pepper” and “Grape and Grape Juice”. They are my latest paintings in stretched canvas. With stretched canvas, I don’t have to frame them. I just need to paint the sides of the canvas. To be accepted, I also have to make it ready to be hung on the wall – I bought a picture hanging tool kit from a dollar store at $1.25 and installed it myself.

So excited – this is my first exhibition ever! Today is the grand opening of Student Show. There is a student performance in the opening as well.

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Avocado in Acrylic

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According to Wikipedia, The avocado is a tree native to Central Mexico, classified in the flowering plant family. Avocado or alligator pear also refers to the fruit (botanically a large berry that contains a single seed of the tree.

Alligator pear – The skin of avocado does look like alligator and the shape of avocado looks like a pear!

Anyhow, when I was painting this avocado in half,  I was kind of a little bit more relaxed than I usually am – I mixed the yellow and white,  and painted it on the canvas panel. I also used wet on wet technique in the fruit area. I like the way it turned out – it looks convincing. I think the shadow area needs to be improved but I will leave it for now.

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Grapes and Grape Juice

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Glass is an interesting painting subject in still life. Transparency can be seen in the distortion, reflection, background color and shadow. I like the composition of this painting. In this painting, I was also experimenting how the background color impact the overall composition. I left a small corner of pink on the right behind the white plate – the little piece of pink balance the whole picture. A little bit color repetition works well in this painting.

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Lemon and Bell Pepper

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This painting is to learn how to paint the reflection on the metal. I chose lemon and yellow bell pepper (again) because of their cheerful colors. I was looking for metal container all over the house and found this stainless steel container in a hidden closet. 🙂


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Egg & Egg Plant in Acrylic

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I normally have one egg in my breakfast every day. What’s the relationship between egg and egg plant? They must be relatives. 🙂 Look at this painting!

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Yellow Bell Pepper in Acrylic

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Different colors of Bell Peppers are my favorite vegetables. They are nutritious and tasty. I think I am going to paint Bell Pepper series.

As a form of artistic exploration and discipline, I am challenging myself – Starting from today, I will start my journey of one small painting a day. 🙂

There was a weekly painting challenge in DPW – The Yellow Challenge. I like color yellow since it’s the color of sunshine. It’s energetic and cheerful. This is the first time I participate in the DPW challenge. People in DPW are mostly professional artists.  I am here to learn from others.

Yellow Bell Pepper

It was painted in acrylic on a 5×7” canvas panel.
If you are interested, the painting is $25. Click “Buy Now” to purchase.



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Loquats in Acylic

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Have you even had loquat? It is one of popular fruits in southern China. A little bit sour and sweet and nice yellow color.

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Tomatoes in Acrylic

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Tomato is one of my favorite fruits. I planted quite a few tomatoes in my garden last year and they taste sweet and fresh. I am planning to plant more this year.

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Green Granny Smith Apples

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More green apples today. They have nice yellow green and smooth surface. I ate one of them after painting. A little bit sour. 🙂

Speaking of my acrylic painting, I should focus on value and fewer brush strokes.

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Pears in Acrylic, again

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Pear has interesting shape and it’s one artists’ favorite painting subjects. I couldn’t find a good looking pear in a typical shape. That’s what I can get the best at this season. Again, the color is not even close to what it looks. Too green.

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