How to Handle Acrylic Paintings

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I was browsing some blogs about paintings. I found these guidelines on how to handle acrylic art very helpful.

Minimize the handling of the artwork to avoid damage. Larger pieces of paper may need to be supported from the back, whether they are framed or not. If framing a painting on paper, use an acid-free backing board. Secure the painting in place with acid-free framing tape; white artist’s tape works well for this purpose. Double-sided tape works well for securing an unframed painting to the backing.

Keep the acrylic painting out of direct sunlight or strong artificial light, as these will cause the paint to fade. Also avoid any environment that is hot or that has excessive moisture; these will harm the integrity of the paint.

Frame the acrylic art piece to block dirt and dust from gathering on the paint. Do not let the painting touch the glass; acrylic paint can be damaged by glass. Scrap strips of cardboard or mat board can be used as spacers between the painting and the glass.

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