How to Paint Fast, Loose & Bold

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Currently I spent about 3~4 hours on average on each small painting. Many random strokes produce muddy colors. I found another artist (Patti Mollica) who is teaching people on how to paint fast, loose and bold. Wish I could have chance to join her workshop. She covers the following topics which are areas that I need to improve.

  • How to use large brushes for a bolder paint application
  • How to see distinct values
  • How to create a “road map” to assure a successful painting
  • How to translate realistic colors into bolder, more “fauvist” colors
  • How to determine what detail is necessary
  • How to add necessary detail using large brushes for a more gestural effect
  • How to compose your painting: do’s and don’ts
  • How to create space and depth with color temperature
  • How to work with a limited palette
  • How to create colorful greys
  • How to mix vibrant colors
  • How to create soft edges and value transitions
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