How to Paint Loosely

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I like loose painting style with fewer bold brush strokes and bright colors. Not too much details but still close enough to recognize what you are painting.

Lessons learned:

  • Use a fairly large brush so you don’t get carried away with detail.
  • Try to segment the pear/apple in your painting into large planes of separate color.
  • Try to capture the individual value of each plane in correct relationship with the planes next to it. Keep squinting!
  • Make sure every plane is a different color.
  • You may soften edges between planes but do NOT paint large blends.
  • Start with your darkest dark and lightest light.
  • Time yourself, for example, 1o minutes to finish a pear/apple, stop when time’s up!

Below are a few apples painted by some artists with a loose style. I am working towards to their direction. Hopefully in the future my paintings will have a similar style.



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