Paint Loosely and Freshly

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Here are some lessons I learned recently:

  1. Don’t necessarily fill up one big area with one color, even if it is one color. You can make it much more interesting by mixing different versions/value of one color – as long as they are all the correct value.
  2. While you are painting, remember to squint and step back often
  3. Compare values/colors/proportion/etc in one small area with everything in the whole painting
  4. Paint past the edges (past the lines you have drawn in the first place) then reshaping with the color from outside
  5. In still life where a form shadow meets a cast shadow, the edges tend to be soft or lost – two colors on either side of an edge are similar in value
  6. Painting from inside -> outside will keep your paint fresh and easier to control the edge
  7. Highlights, thin stems, thin rims of cups, small dots can be paint last
  8. Focus on the big picture, not details – only paint necessary details
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