My Sunflowers Vs. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

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I loved Van Gogh’s sunflower so much that I have to paint one based on his. Can you tell me which one is Van Gogh’s and which is mine? 🙂

I paint this in a 5”x7” Canvas Panel. It was so much better experience painting on Canvas Panels than watercolor paper. Smoother, higher quality and no buckles!

I drew the sunflower based on Van Gogh’s oil painting first, and then added vivid orange colors in different values. I painted the background in blueish green. I absolutely love my sunflowers and I feel so nappy and fulfilling. It’s satisfactory and rewording that you can paint what you love!

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Charcoal Drawing #3 – Sunflower & Lily

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Sunflower is one of my favorite flowers. I like their vibrant colors and spirit. I plant sunflower in my gardens. They grow so easily and can be up to more than two meters high.


It’s my first time to draw sunflower. I like the colors and composition; but the shading is always the most difficult part.

I also drew a white lily which I like a lot. It looks like I am pretty good at capturing those flowers with a simpler shade.

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