Value and Value Composition

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Below are a list of tips I learned from one of my favorite artists, Carol Marine.

In order to be accurate with value you must constantly compare every value with every other value in your subject, rather than just values that are very near each other.

Try to simplify the values into big shapes in your head so they’re easier to deal with.

Work from life (because cameras skew value a lot) and before you begin ask yourself: What is my darkest value? What is my lightest value? Where do the others fall on the value scale? How do all the values relate to each other?

If you look through your viewfinder at your subject and find you have no contrast to speak of, or two values are very equal in amount, try changing something: a different background color (actually change out the paper or cloth you are using); the angle of the light; the objects themselves; the number of objects; crop in closer or further away; etc.

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